Spicy Sausage Tofu Bowl


Spicy Sausage Tofu Bowl This may sound unusual but it's absolutely delicious together. Find a low fat organic sausage you like to toss into this dish. I choose the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sausages from Whole Foods for this Scramble. It's spicy and full of flavor which pairs perfectly with the neutral tasting tofu. Cut the tofu into very small Continue Reading

Lamb Scramble with Celery and Spinach


Lamb Scramble with Celery and Spinach It's not a surprise that I'm slightly obsessed with eating eggs. I could write a whole cookbook on just scrambles. Considering I have to eat eggs every morning, you do start finding ways to make small twists to it so that it's new rather than the same old thing. This version utilizes ground lamb. I LOVE lamb Continue Reading

Lazy Bear San Francisco


Lazy Bear I just want to first preface that I am not one to really write any restaurant reviews. I mostly enjoy blogging recipes that I create and share travel and food experiences with my readers. But my experience with Lazy Bear was such a unique and enjoyable one, I felt the need to share the experience with a post so that those who have not Continue Reading

Beet Hummus Dip


Beet Hummus Dip Tired of the typical hummus you find at the grocery aisles? Try making your own! In fact, homemade hummus trumps store bought hummus any day. And did I mention it's super easy and cheap too?! All you need is a can of garbanzo beans, some lemon juice, garlic and tahini or unsweeted nut butter and the whatever else you want to add Continue Reading