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I was brought up in House of Nanking (HONK), the restaurant my father and mother opened 24 years ago. My passion for food was cultivated by the many long hours as a child I spent in HONK watching all the action in the kitchen.

I remember always watching my father cook in the little stall at the front of the restaurant and thinking to myself, I’ve gotta try that at home. Anytime I wasn’t at HONK, I was at home with my grandmother, always pestering her to let me help in the kitchen, cutting vegetables or washing them. Before I could even reach the kitchen counter, I would stand on a stool to watch and emulate my grandmother slice ginger and scallions. I remember the first dish I ever made was for my father, stir fried bok choy. It was the simplest and easiest dish my grandmother would allow me to make, standing on that stool hovering over the wok. That evening I must have asked my dad over a dozen times how good the bok choy was. I was over the moon knowing that I had created something on my own that someone was able to enjoy. I took so much pride and joy from it. That hasn’t changed much even to this day. The only difference is I don’t jump up and down like a little school girl, which I was back then, and I don’t have a big cheese ball smile permanently stuck on my face or that hideous rice bowl hair cut my dad personally styled for me.

After years of watching my grandparents cook and my father cook at HONK, serving and busing at the restaurant, and then attending culinary school, I’ve finally stepped off the stool and can now stand side by side next to my father and proudly dish up and serve real customers in a real restaurant kitchen. In September 2009, my father and I opened FANG, a modern Chinese restaurant located in SOMA. In the last few months, I’ve found that while opening a restaurant and creating dishes everyday for customers to enjoy provides me with the utmost satisfaction, I’ve also discovered a new passion…teaching and helping others find the same satisfaction I gain from creating dishes for others to enjoy. This led me to starting Fangalicious. In starting this blog I had 3 things in mind which I wanted to achieve.

1. Provide simple healthy Asian inspired recipes for non-cooks at home so that they can not only feed themselves but also their loved ones. I am certainly not a health nut but a girl’s gotta watch her figure right? So when I’m not indulging on some of my favorite things to eat and cook, which are Italian and Rustic French (my comfort food), I try to eat healthy. And there are so many ways we can make healthy Asian inspired dishes at home without breaking a sweat. Hopefully my blog will help you with that!

2. Now that you know my favorite indulgences are actually Italian and Rustic French it’s only fair that I get to share with you all of my favorite recipes for Italian and French dishes. I drool just thinking about a good plate of pasta. :)

3. My final objective is to always keep my blog interesting, fun, and innovative so that anyone reading it can be just as excited as I am about food and find cooking not only satisfying for the tummy but for the soul.

26 thoughts on “About meee

  1. I thought I knew you… but you are really a”Pandora Box”.
    Congratulations and may “Fangalacious” be as striking (or even more) as YOU!
    Wishing you all the very success!

  2. The favorite cuisine in our home is Italian, Mexican and Chinese. Mary is of Italian heritage and I an Italophile means lots of Italian inspired dishes. After seeing Rick Bayless on PBS we discovered an appreciation of authentic Mexican cuisine. Many weekends the house is filled with the smells of Pozzole, Tortilla Soup or Enchiladas.

    Wonderful blog and I look forward to reading more.

  3. Since my father and I went there for a dinner event, we haven’t stopped talking about it. We are puerto rican but enjoy the finest cuisine from all over the world. FANG has by far the best chinese food in the city! We have ate at many different restaurants, and when we’re hungry after a Giants game, we go straight to fang!! Not to mention the service is Top Shelf!

  4. Was looking for the Chinese dish of braised pork. I just typed into google looking for “Hoong Sau Ro” and it led me to your blog. You got a nice blog. I like how you use the default wordpress theme and incorporate that picture viewer on top of the post.

    Keep blogging


  5. Wow!!! Thank you for a creative and inspired serving of culinary excellence! I am pleased to have met you and your father and will make your restaraunt a regular stop on our travels to San Francisco. Look us up the next time you are in LA!!

    — Walter
    President & Co-founder
    Gizmo Beverages 4life

    1. Walter, great meeting you at Fang tonight. Best of luck on your new project. It sounds amazing and I can’t wait till it comes out. I definitely want to try it out. I’m all about living a healthy life and doing it through food ;) Come visit us at Fang again and I will for sure look you guys up in the next time I’m in LA.

  6. Stumble upon your blog by accident!!! Just love it to death! Keep up the great stuff, Kathy. Next time I visit Frisco, for sure I am going to try out some of your dishes as well as your Dad’s. BTW, are you Cantonese by origin or something else? Just a matter of interest. Hope that you don’t mind me asking. Thanks and good luck!

    1. I’m glad you love my blog. Definitely hit up Fang when you are in San Francisco. I am not Cantonese by origin. I’m actually Shanghainese by origin but I was born in the US and grew up and was raised in San Fran. I do speak Cantonese fluently thought since most people in San Fran are Cantonese.

  7. Thank you for checking out my blog. I grew up in San Francisco and I’ve seen how the SOMA district has evolved into a hip and happening place. My husband and I were just thinking we need to drive up to San Francisco to discover some new places to dine and now we have one more new place to try. Congrats on continuing your parents passion for food and cooking!

  8. I had the great pleasure of meeting Kate when I first visited her restaurant in 2011, then in 2012. I must say that with each visit, I experienced some of the most succulent dishes I’ve ever tested worldwide ( and I do travel all over…). Of course (and I’m sure that many of you would agree) the best part is when Kate hand picks a variety of dishes for us and never fails to impress. Call her the Cordon Bleu of California or the Houdini of Asian food, she never ceases to impress.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Hi,
    I represent the Media/net Publisher Partnerships group and am interested in advertising on your website, myfangalicious.com.
    I have reviewed your site and have identified a few opportunities that we would be interested in.
    Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you more details.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  10. Your blog is wonderful. Led me to your restaurant’s menu. I love cantonese dishes, but curious if some of your other dishes may become available. Also have you tried some of the Macanese restaurants in Macau, particularly A Lorcha? Regards Wallace

    1. Yes i love macau. I however havent been back in a while so i’m sure the restaurant scene has a changed a bit since i was last there. Way back when I use to go, I went to El Gallo and had their amazing clams, bacalhao fried rice, steamed bacalhao, roasted pork neck, roasted pigeon, etc….food is great out there

      1. I love Macau, but have not been back for a year. The clams that you mentioned – were they in a cilantro garlic broth? My favorite at A Lorcha are the baby clams and a grill prawns with a light chili sauce. If you have not been back in Macau for a few years, you will be amazed by the numerous new casinos.

  11. Hey Kate! I hope you’re doing well in San Fran… When are you visiting Australia? We need some of your food magic down here!


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