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cropped-mo1ujlhezthfrv9sv2isykccfb3ls-s0paot54c_xvkWelcome and thank you for visiting my blog. I’m excited to share all of my very own recipes on this site with my readers.

Chef Kathy Fang cooking at Fang v2In 2009 I opened Fang restaurant in the SOMA district of San Francisco.

The project took a few years to come to life but was an incredible journey as I was able to do it with my father. Fang is unique in that it’s a family affair. It’s a continuation of a business that started from very meager beginnings. My parents opened House of Nanking and it has grown over the last 26 years from tiny mom and pop hole in the wall in Chinatown San Francisco to a bustling hot spot that draws crazy lines every single day.

House of Nanking and the usual line outsideIt is now a  San Francisco Institution, it’s walls covered full of accolades and awards. I grew up in that restaurant watching them work day and night. It was there where I learned to cook first and cultivated my discerning taste buds. That’s where I grew up to be a chef although it didn’t seem that way until I graduated college. Initially studying Business at University of Southern California (Go Trojans!) I tried to pave a different route for myself. After a few job stints in the corporate world, I found it all paled in comparison to the excitement I experienced at my family’s restaurant. Shortly there after I attended Culinary School and decided to dive into the family business and start a restaurant of my own, of course with the help and guidance from the best chef I know, my Dad. Fang is a much larger and more modern version of the Mom and Pop Shop my parents opened. It’s suppose to represent the next generation.  It has all the classics from the old restaurant so you don’t forget your roots and a whole bunch of new exciting dishes created by well, “the next generation” which would be me:)

Chef Kathy Fang offsite cateringWhat excites me every day about what I do is that the growth in this industry never ends. You can always keep learning and improve through experimenting and cooking. It’s always a work in progress. I’m always cooking at the restaurant and at home and trying out things to better myself as a Chef and grow.

_MG_1470During my breaks, I would go home and cook every day…So I decided why not start a food blog and share the dishes I make at home, be it something casual like a late night snack…

burritto 1or a quick healthy lunch on the weekends…

cooking in pinkor a fancier meal for an occasion…

making flowerIt would double as an outlet for me to do something that isn’t necessarily “work” but also be a drawing board for myself to cook, experiment, and have fun doing things I wouldn’t do at Fang necessarily. Like how to put a cheap arrangement together when doing a home cooked valentine’s dinner, etc…

Thus the birth of Myfangalicious.com. What started as a hobby and outlet grew into a blog that has over 600+ recipes of my very own.


Hope you enjoy all the hard work I’ve put into the recipes as well as all the photography I’ve shot of the food.

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cupcakeThanks again for visiting! 


Kathy Fang