High Protein Salad

High Protein Mediterranean Inspired Salad

July has been an insanely busy month for me with traveling and work. Haven’t had too much time to cook at home which sucks. But I really wanted to make some lunch today at home so to cut down on cooking time, I went and bought some grilled chicken and steak and used that for my high protein salad. I tossed a bunch of yummy veggies in my salad and added a nice big dollop of hummus. This is a great easy way to make something that is semi-homemade when pressed for time.

High Protein Salad

4 pieces of grilled chicken
4 pieces of grilled steak
2 cups raw kale
1/4 cup sliced red onions
1/4 cup sliced radish
diced avocado (half)
pre-cooked quinoa or store bought taboulleh
3 tablespoon hummus
1/4 cup diced tomatoes
1/4 cup minced cilantro

(dressing: lemon juice, salt and pepper, dash of braggs, olive oil)

1. Simply toss everything together other than your hummus and grilled protein.
2. Garnish with the hummus on top and plate the grilled protein on the side.
3. I skipped pita in this meal since I went heavy on the protein with the two types of meats and the hummus.

Be sure to dip your meat in the hummus with every bite to add flavor to your meat and salad.

And mix a little hummus into your salad to create a nice creamy dressing.
Hope you enjoy this quick and easy semi-homemade meal. After next week, my schedule should ease up and I should be posting more regularly again with full on recipes. Stay tuned please. Thank you:)