Fang Regulars are the best!

Just one of the millions of reasons why I love my job and my Fang customers…

I was leaving the gym today and contemplated whether to wait in line for Starbucks or come back later when a customer of mine called out my name. He ran over and told me how he went to Fang a few weeks back and my dad was wearing a checkered shirt that he really really liked. So much so he asked my dad where he got it and my dad said “Kathy, my daughter got it for me. She gets most of my shirts for me.” He then told me how he checked the label of the shirt and then went online and bought the same shirt. He then proceeded to thank me for my fashion sense and how it helped him find a bunch of nice dress shirts he never knew about :)

Even on a gloomy day when I’m not even at the restaurant, my job somehow still can make me smile. I love my customers.