Funny Encounters at Chinese Restaurants

Working at Fang, I always catch my staff mispronouncing certain words in English and I try my best to correct them so they learn on the spot how to pronounce words correctly. On a busy night, it can be a little irritating to deal with but there are also times when I can’t help but laugh at the situation because the words they somehow come up with is so off, that it becomes funny. Here is one rather funny situation that happened recently, thankfully not at Fang restaurant but at another Chinese restaurant. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did while witnessing the whole thing.

I’m eating at a Chinese restaurant and am sitting next to another table that is occupied by a Caucasian family with two younger kids (around 5-7 in age). The two kids are chanting they want fried chicken wings and so they put in their order with the waiter.

30 minutes later…All their dishes arrive except the fried chicken wings. The two kids are resting their heads on their hands bored and growing impatient. They wave down the server and the servers come by with their check. The father explains that they don’t want the check but that they are missing their fried chicken.

The kids chime in and ask the server, “where’s my fried chicken wings? We’ve been waiting forever.”

The server looks at the bill and looks up with a serious and apologetic face and says, “Oh yes…You still have chicken. So solley, the chicken wings is still fah-lying. I go see for you” and runs off to the kitchen.

The kids eyes widen and they look a little horrified and confused and asks, “What do you mean the chicken wings are still flying? Daddy, that man says the chickens are still flying?”

The Dad nearly chokes on his rice and starts laughing and says, “No no I think he is trying to say the chicken wings are still frying.”

By now I’m trying to hide behind a napkin laughing. Note to self, when I get back to Fang, make all the staff pronounce frying to me :)