Red Egg Ginger Party @ Fang

Just hosted a red egg party for my friend Mel and Dan who just had their baby girl Olive Mika Beal.

Since it’s red egg ginger party, I made red eggs and created favors out of them by putting them in little tin pails, printing custom labels with the baby’s name on it and paired it with some ginger candy.

I made some simple arrangements for the table.

I worked with her parents to create a very filling 10 course Banquet menu. We started out with an assortment of dim sum

We had quite a lot of steamers since they had over 90 guests arrive.

We then moved onto ducks buns, lobster soup, sesame prawn salad, fragrant basil chicken, steamed whole fish, BBQ pork spareribs, house chow mein, and then forbidden rice pudding with coconut and goji. Needless to say they had quite the banquet.

I’m very happy to have been involved in the whole event and I want to thank Gail and Tony for choosing Fang as their venue of choice for this special event. It’s that much better when you get to plan something that is for a good friend of yours. Here’s to the happy couple and their new bundle of joy Olive!