Easy Strawberry Sundae

This is the easiest dessert you can make within less than 5 minutes and super delish too. This last dish concludes my 4 course Valentine’s Day Menu.

I love making this because it’s easy and a crowd pleaser. Who doesn’t like ice cream with chocolate and whip cream? Just pick your favorite flavors and mix them together or create a little sundae bar for people to make their own.

Here’s my way of making a nice sundae. Pick a nice glass for your sundae and layer the strawberries.

Scoop a generous portion of dulce de leche. You can also jazz up your sundae by adding a little grand marnier here too and soak your strawberries in it.

Top with whip cream.

Drizzle chocolate sauce and sprinkle with slivered almonds for added crunch and texture and voila! Strawberry Sundae :)

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