Low Fat Apple Granola Parfait

Guilt Free Granola Parfait!

Although I love eating yogurt granola parfaits, I tend to stay away from them because the sugar from most granola is rather high. If you’re not careful and don’t read the labels, you will be in for a huge shock when you read the fat from calorie count on many of those boxes. I however found one granola from Whole Foods that has one of the least amount of calories and fat than almost any of the other ones they carry. It’s Whole Food’s only house made granola called “No So Vanilla Granola.” It’s low in sugar and low in fat. Calories is around 100 and fat from calories is at around 12 grams. Typically granola fat from calories is at 40grams or even 80grams.

I combined Whole Foods “Not so vanilla granola” with non fat greek yogurt, chopped apples, sliced almonds, and some homemade lemon honey. This is one parfait you don’t have to feel guilty about.

Low Fat Apple Granola Parfait

Ingredients: Serves 2
1 apple diced (your apple of choice)
1/2 cup “Not so vanilla granola”
2 tablepoon lemon honey (recipe is in my lemon ricotta pancake post)
1/4 cup sliced almonds
1 carton of non fat yogurt

1. Spoon yogurt into bowl or cup and top with lemon honey, granola and diced apples and serve!

Happy eating!