How to use your turkey leftovers

How to use your turkey leftovers

I like having turkey leftovers. You can make so many different dishes out of it like turkey pot pies, turkey chili, turkey scramble, turkey tacos, turkey sandwiches and more. I however have this amazing recipe that helps you use up your turkey leftovers, your stuffing, and your cranberry sauce all in one dish. My Turkey Pesto Asiago Panini recipe is super satisfying and delicious and easy to make. I personally choose to use two different cheeses to add some depth to the flavor of the panini. The soft asiago is create for melting in a sandwich and creates that lovely gooey consistency you want to get from a panini and has a little more flavor than the provolone. Try this recipe out and you’ll want to have this sandwich not only the day after Thanksgiving but all the time.

Turkey Pesto Asiago Panini with Cranberry served w/ Panfried Stuffing

Ingredients: serves 2

2 pieces of focaccia (sliced horizontally to create two pieces)
2 cups shredded leftover turkey meat (dark and white is fine)
2 tablespoon pesto
2 tablespoon mayo
2 tablespoon cranberry
4 slices of soft asiago
4 slices of provolone
4 tablespoon butter
salt and pepper
left over stuffing

* Heat your panini press to high/sear.
* Heat a nonstick pan to high and add your stuffing to it. Let it panfry a bit before turning the heat down to low and cover with lid to heat everything through.
* While your stuffing is heating and panfrying, you can heat your leftover turkey in the microwave for 1 minute or less. You just want to warm up the turkey a bit (lukewarm is fine).
* Smear some butter over the outside of the focaccia slices (this will help you crisp up your panini better)
* Spread pesto on the inside of one side of the focaccia and then spread cranberry and mayo on the other side of the focaccia
* Layer a slices of soft asiago (usually comes as a wedge so you can slice large pieces and cover one side of the bread with the cheese)
*Layer generous amount of turkey and season with a little salt and pepper
*Layer a slice of provolone and then cover the sandwich with the other side of the focaccia
*Place into the panini press and press away! Remove once you get a nice golden crisp crust
*While your panini is being pressed, you can open the lid of the pan with the stuffing. The stuffing should be hot by now. You can turn the heat back up to high and panfry it both sides a bit to crisp it up a little.
*Slice your panini diagonally and serve alongside your panfried stuffing. Buon Apetito!

Stay tuned for 2 other recipes I have for using leftover turkey