African BBQ

When I was in Nairobi this past summer I had the pleasure of dining at Carnivore. Although it is known as a tourist spot, it is listed as one of the top restaurants in Nairobi and specialize in African BBQ which is similar to Brazilian BBQ where you have a “go” and “stop” sign and it’s all you can eat. The meats here are definitely exotic. Let’s just say I tasted some mammals I didn’t think we could even eat. Take a gander at some of my photos and see what crazy stuff I tried.

The fire pits they use to roast all their meats

Ostrich Meatballs -Tender but a little gamey tasting

Rump Steak- One of my favorites, it was juicy a little fatty which means lots of flavor

Ox balls- Yes I did try this one. I decided that as a chef I would try be adventurous and try everything they served regardless of how unappetizing it may sound. And my instincts were correct, the texture was very off putting. The best way to describe it: a tasteless slightly chewy vienna sausage. No bueno.

Their marvelous spinning tray of sauces and salads. They had different sauces for different types of meats. There was a fennel mint sauce for lamb, a sweet and spicy sauce for pork, a spicy harrisa for chicken, a coconut lime yogurt sauce for ostrich and some sort of masala sauce for beef. The salads consisted of cabbage slaw, tomato salad which resembled a salsa, and a basic house salad with greens, onions, cucumber and carrots.

Some other exotic meats I tried were crocodile, camel, and ox heart. There was a total of 18 different parts and types of animals served and I can proudly say I tasted all of them. The verdict: I only liked 3 out of the 18. The Rump steak, the Pork Spareribs, and the chicken wings. Quite honestly everything else was a bit too gamey for me. The experience however was one of a kind and I highly recommend going and trying all the exotic meats at least once in your lifetime. You’ll remember it forever. I know I will.