Cucumber Pear Juice

Since it was rather hot today, I decided to use my lovely juicer and make a healthy refresher. I don’t know what it is with hot weather but it always makes me more conscious of what I eat and whether or not I am eating well. It could be the fact that we step outside in the sweltering heat wearing shorts, tanks, tshirts, exposing parts we don’t normally expose in windy San Francisco. And all of sudden you think, “is my stomach sticking out? Is that flab on my arms? Whoa, my thighs are jiggly?”

This then makes me rethink my visit to Jamba Juice. So rather than inbibing that lovely fruit and sugar packed smoothie, I decided to make my own health tonic called Kat’s Green Machine.

Kat’s Green Machine (Pear and Cucumber Juice)

-2 asian pears or any sort of pear your heart desires
-1 whole green bell pepper
-2 inch piece of fresh ginger
-2 large cucumbers (hot house)

(optional: you can add a large bunch of spinach or for a unique spin, top your drink with some aloe vera juice)

Juice everything together and add some ice cubes to make the drink nice and icy. Garnish with a piece of mint if you like.

You’ll feel great about yourself after downing a big glass of this tonic.