Day one: Nairobi

Day one in Nairobi:
Right off the plane we headed to the Nairobi National Park. The park is located right in the city. You can see the city in the background of some of the photos. It’s really surreal to be seeing these animals in the wild, smack in the middle of the city. Below are some of the photos from Nairobi National Park.

Food cart I saw along the way to the Park

We then headed to the crocodile farm where we had lunch first(traditional Nairobian Cuisine). It consisted of a beef stew with carrots, cabbage slaw, tomato salad (which tasted like salsa), biryani, mashed potatoes with herbs, vegetable stew (made with eggplant, squash, onions, peas, potatoes much like a curry), chicken stew w/ tomatoes, roasted lamb legs and ribs (it was probably mutton), boiled vegetables (haricot verts, carrots) and this maize cake which they called ugul (it’s maize flour mixed with water and cooked into cakes which resemble a little like a tough polenta). It is not made with any salt, sugar, or fat so needless to say it was pretty bland. You are suppose to eat it with stews but I wasn’t too crazy about.

Then we went to check out the crococodiles and the tortoises. You can pick up the crocodiles but I was a wuss so I just held its tail and opted to not hold his head. Don’t want any missing fingers, I want them to cook with thank you very much. I did however hold a tortoise which was pretty cool.

Next we went to the Karen Blixen Museum and checked out her house. Only worth the visit if you are a fan of her books or watched the movie “Out of Africa.” Otherwise there isn’t much meaning for you to go and see what seems to be a regular house.

We then checked into the Tribe Hotel next to the Village Market which is their chic shopping area. Really cool modern hotel which I would highly recommend staying at.