Day 5: Samburu To Masai Mara

Samburu to Masai Mara

Day 5: Breakfast at 6:00am: Muesli, yogurt, tomato tree juice, vegetarian omelette, fresh baked pastries( mini croissant and pain de chocolat which was superb. They individually serve a small basket of hot pastries. Check out the photo of the pastry basket and the chocolate oozing out of the hot pain de chocolat. Asolutely delish!

Here is a photo of our personal cereal and juice tray which is placed tableside

I was sad to leave Samburu. Everything was really well done here and not something you would expect far off in a small village of Kenya where there is not a single restaurant or even a town center or any sort of shop. It’s amazing how as remote as everything is here, with virtually no internet and cell phone reception, the lodge was able to create 5 star quality food that is internationally influenced and provide 5 star service. Really a gem of a place. Ally and Tony who run the place are so hospitable that you feel like you’re leaving a family behind. Great spot and a must visit if you go to Samburu.

Here is a photo of the inside of our plane. It looks like a small van from the inside doesn’t it? The plane was like an eight seater. Quite the experience.

We arrived in Masai Mara which is where the migration of the wildabeasts are at right now. Literally thousands and thousands of wildebeasts are scattered everywhere. The sheer number of animals out here in Masai Mara is mind boggling. We checked into the Ngare Serian Camp which is a boutique camp right by the river. There are only 4 tents here with one “mess” where everyone dines at one long 12 person table. It’s a very small and exclusive camp where you can create your own schedule. You are given one guide and one private car.

Here is a photo of the bridge you need to cross to get to the camp and there I am walking across gingerly. The sign you see on the side says “one at a time.” Definitely not for the faint of heart. It is literally the only way to get to your camp. There is no other way of getting there so unless you plan on sleeping in the wild, you need to brave up and walk across that narrow (3 board bridge over that rushing river which is populated by hippos and crocodiles). In my mind (uh, why would you not build a real bridge? Like a cement bridge? Why a rinky dink, roped bridge that is so narrow it only fits 3 rows of narrow 3 inch planks?) Anyhow, I crossed the bridge not looking down and kept thinking to myself that if I don’t make it across I will be sleeping in the reserve with all lions and wildebeasts so I’ll take my chances with this bridge.

I made it across thank god. Only thing is you have to cross it everytime you leave and return back to the lodge. So like I said, if you have a fear of crossing bridges or of water, heights, or large wild animals, you may want to stay at Serian and not Ngare Serian. Serian is not across the river but has only outdoor bathrooms. So you take your pick.
Here are pics of the tented room. Check out the hippos right outside the tent. Cool isn’t it?

Standing on the deck of the tent with the hippos behind me in the river

All the hippos across from the tent along with some wildebeasts behind them.

We then went on a night game drive and below are the photos from the drive. Amazing sunset and colors here in Masai Mara.

Amazing sunsets