Kat’s Pesto Turkey Sandwich

How to use left over ingredients to make something different just as enjoyable?

I realize that it doesn’t seem realistic to buy only enough ingredients for one meal and so sometimes you don’t want to buy just 1 tomato and 1/4 lb of turkey and then end up with a bag of rolls or baguettes. It would make sense to purchase for a weeks worth of food or at least a couple days. So get extra turkey and that pack of sliced cheese, bag of rolls and start creating new sandwiches with it!

As I had mentioned in my previous post, the great thing about sandwiches is that you can give it any little twist to change it up and make it entirely new and different. Nobody wants to eat the same darn turkey sandwich 3 days in a row just so you don’t waste the bread, deli meat and cheese.
Here are some ideas:

Cranberry Turkey Sandwich: Spread some cranberry jelly and you’ve got a nice Cranberry Turkey Sandwich that is delish. You can even layer a few dried cranberries in the sandwich for added texture.

Strawberry Turkey Sandwich: Surprisingly enough, you can substitute the cranberry for other preserves. I love strawberry preserves or fig preserves to spread on bread and paired with deli meats. It works with prosciutto, hams, turkey, chicken, etc.

Turkey Cheese Panini: Omit the lettuce and place your turkey sandwich in a panini press and you’ve got a Turkey Cheese Panini. Look in your fridge and see what you can use to help create a new sandwich.

Turkey Eggwich: Fry an egg over medium and place into your roll along with the turkey, cheese, and condiments and you’ve got a great breakfast sandwich.

Since I had some leftover sundried tomatoes and pesto, I decided to make a Turkey Pesto Sandwich.

Kat’s Turkey Pesto Sandwich

1/4 lb turkey
handful of mixed greens (toss in a little olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper)
a few slivers of red onions
3-4 pieces of sundried tomatoes
2 slices cheese (american jack or preferably provolone)
3 slices of fresh tomatoes
2 tablespoons pesto (1 tablespoon per side of the roll)
1 ciabatta roll or in my case whole wheat roll

* Spread the pesto on each side of the bread

* Layer cheese, turkey, tomatoes, then sundried tomatoes.

* Now add your mixed greens and red onions (which you tossed earlier in oil and vinegar)
* Top it off with the other side of the bread and serve with some left over corn salad you may have from the previous meal or you can use an entirely different salad or chips.

Tip: You can pair it with soup or even side of fruit