Cheese Anyone?

The cheese cart at Caprice Restaurant located inside the Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong. The cheese cart however is not displayed on a cart but rather displayed on this huge slab of wood resting on an antique Chinese stand. When they bring the cheese to the table, they have two guys who come and pick up the stand and the slab to your table. I’d be nervous to carrying that slab. Could you imagine slipping or tripping with that huge slab with all that cheese and the cheese goes flying across the fancy dining room? Anyways the selection was amazing. Do you see the cheese oozing from the cheese that is located on the far most right corner? Oh my lord, soft gooey slightly stinky cheese is my achilles heel. I didn’t start off liking soft stinky cheese until I tasted really fresh soft cheese from Portugal. My first blissful experience with soft cheese was Azeitao. (Find photo of Azeitao below) You eat this cheese with a spoon and spread it on cracker or bread. The top of the cheese is super soft when you push down on it and when you cut the top off, the top sinks into the cheese because it’s sooo soft and gooey. My mouth is watering just thinking about it and looking at this selection. Cheese Anyone?

The centerpiece with the restaurant in the background. It’s a really pretty restaurant, worth going to for the views, the glam atmosphere and the food is pretty standard French. Won’t blow you off your socks but the pristine open kitchen is quite the sight and fun to watch while eating.

The view of the harbour from our table

The cheese that turned me onto soft stinky cheese.