Teppanyaki Anyone?


Halibut Sashimi and Vegetable Terrine
Grilled Giant Prawn Braised w/ Tomatoes, Butter, Crispy Garlic served w/ Garlic Pesto Toast
Panfried Scallop and Skate, White Miso over grilled onions, and olive tapenade
Premium Wagyu Filet served w/ sauteed vegetables and two dipping sauces (sweet tomato chili sauce and miso sesame)
Lobster Fried Rice served w/ pickled local radishes
Strawberries Flambe w/ bavarian cream and peanut caramal tuile
Petit Fours

Atmosphere: The chefs are quiet, very meticulous and careful with their food. There’s classical music playing in the background and all the lovely copper pots and pans they use, is more remiscient of a great kitchen in a fancy French restaurant rather than some loud teppanyaki restaurant. The wood they used for the counter top seating was one large slab beautifully finished with still it’s rough edges on the side. Made it look organic/raw but polished at the same time. Loved the place. Too bad a glass of wine here runs you $40/glass. YIKES!

sigh, Japan, why are you so expensive??