Shanghai Street Food

Strange Eats:

Fried hummingbirds anyone?

This was definitely a strange sight to see. Who wants to see a skull sitting in a pot of soup. I don’t care if that indicates what kind of soup it is, that’s just bad advertising. But what do I know about what the locals in China want to see in their food. Maybe they find that appetizing. haha

Good Eats:

Chinese version of a Shwarma. They slice the meat off the roast that is spinning on a spit and sautee it over a flat top with spices. You have an option of using a thicker bread which looks like pita or a thin mushu pancake. They fill the bread with the meat and top it off with lettuce. 2 thumbs up!

Shanghai Soup Buns (not to be confused with Shanghai Soup Dumplings also known as Shao Long Bao) These buns are larger than the soup dumplings and have a lot more soup in them. The straw says it all.

Steamed Veggie Buns