I spoil my dog!

It’s safe to say I went a little nuts today shopping for my darling Zeus. What was suppose to be a trip to the grocery store to pick up some dog kibble turned into a shopping extravaganza of dog treats. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a compulsive shopper, where I see things and immediately feel the need to buy without thinking whether I actually need it or not. I mean what dog needs over 10 different varieties of treats? If you just count the varieties I got today, “chicken jerky wrapped sweet potatoes, chicken jerky disks, ducky jerky, marrow bones, Cesar’s filet mignon, Cesar’s chicken, Purina healthy liver bites, chicken jerky wrapped banana chips” he’s already hit 8 different varieties. This doesn’t even include the stash he has at home currently which are all different from what I got today. I guess I could say, it’s the Chef in me where I feel like if I eat well that my dog should too. hmmmmm…….

Ok now that I am rereading all of this, I definitely I have a problem!!! HELP! I need some serious help. Damn it Zeus, look what you’ve done to me!