Cutest Sandwich Cutters EVER!

Further proof that I have a slight problem when it comes to shopping. This past weekend, I actually bought something for my future kids. Aside from it being maybe a little strange to buy something so far in advance since a) I am not married b) am not engaged c) not planning to have children soon d) and even if I had children now, they would need to grow till age 4 or 5 before they can even start eating whole sandwiches, I had my valid reasons for purchasing these items.

My defense:

a) Williams and Sonoma was having a sale and those items were 10% off.
b) If I can manage to keep them until I do have kids (factoring in marriage, pregnancy, birth, and school–5 years +) they will LOVE me for it!
c) What if I can’t find it when my future kids start going to school and need me to make sandwiches for them? I will kick myself for not buying them when I saw them.
d) Oh heck, they are so darn cute that I may just use them for myself to make sandwiches. Who can say no to a dinosaur and heart shaped sandwich?!

But in all seriousness these cutters are actually great little simple tools you can use to jazz up different things you make in the kitchen. You can use it to make your kid’s sandwich for lunch or even use the cutters to make a platter of sandwiches for a kid’s party. The cutters can double as a pancake cutter after you’ve made them out of a flat pan. You can even use it to shape steamed rice. Pack the cutter with rice tightly and lift the cutter, you will have a heart shaped rice mound. Serve it to your loved one or your kid. So there are multiple uses for these cutters. I shall do a entry soon on the versatility of these cutters. Finally, I justified my purchase. :)