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It’s that time again. I absolutely love Fall and Winter. It makes me think of family, friends, and loved ones. Fall and Winter is when we have the best holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. And let’s not forget all the amazing food that goes along with these holidays. Stews, soups, roasts, pies, and delectable holiday drinks. The smells and the flavors you experience with fall and winter is also amazing. I immediately think of cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, and cloves. It seriously is the best time of the year! So how did I kick start my fall season? I went to the pumpkin patch and got some pumpkins! yeaaa. And then I prepared a simple fall meal after my trek out to the patch. I created the menu with two things in mind. The key thing here is satisfying fall meals but less time in the kitchen because we all want to be enjoying this time of the year by spending it with friends and family carving pumpkins, catching movies, or just hanging out (not slaving away in the kitchen). Theme for fall and winter, easy simple satisying meals!

My first fall meal:

Pureed Ginger Pumpkin Soup served w/ Salted Popcorn
Creamy Lemon Farfalle w/ Roasted Chicken and Squash

(Look out for recipes)

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