Coconut Tumeric Turkey Kale

shash G

This dish is a super meal. Coconut oil speeds up your metabolism and is converted into energy faster than other foods/fats. It's made up of short and medium fatty acids meaning it gets broken down faster and quicker in the liver. So when you can, be sure to include it in your diet. As for tumeric, it contains curcumin which is high in antixodants. Continue Reading

Spicy Pork Shashuka With Cauliflower


Here is a super comforting dish you can make that's full proof and full of flavor. A typical Shashuka has onions, peppers, tomato sauces, eggs and paprika. I swapped out the onions and peppers and added some protein and veggies to it to help make the dish more substantial since I won't be eating this dish with bread. I'm trying to cut out bread and Continue Reading

Low Carb Vegan Tacos


Low Carb Vegan Tacos Tacos are one of those comfort meals that you can't seem to ever give up. It's flavorful, easy to eat and comforting. But the traditional kind isn't exactly waist friendly. But fret not, this version is totally waist friendly and delicious at the same time. It kind sounds too good to be true right? It's not! So hurry and go Continue Reading

Ab-tastic Smoked Salmon Salad


Ab-tastic Smoked Salmon Salad I like to call this the Abtastic Smoked Salmon Salad because this salad can be eaten religiously without a single shred of guilt. It’s packed with lean healthy protein and greens. It’s a super clean salad made with a few simple ingredients and a dressing that won’t hurt the waist. If you want to slim down that Continue Reading